Flood Damage

Water and Flood Damage to Whole House Insurance Claim Question - Q and A

Q: I had water damage in my house that flooded the whole house. What should I do? I need help.

A: The first thing to do after your property is flooded, no matter where the water is from, is hire a water remediation company to dry out your property as soon as possible. This is a crucial step in preventing and containing mold growth. Water can damage the contents of your home and personal property, as well as destroy wood floors, sub-flooring, wooden frames, seep under tiles or into sheet rock/dry wall causing extensive damage to the property. Often mold can grow underneath tiles or behind dry wall damaging the insulation and creating a hazardous environment. As a result, it is extremely important to contact Maximum Insurance Adjusters in order to have one of our highly knowledgeable and skilled adjusters assess the damage that you may otherwise not see. Insurance policies vary and may have limits, exclusions, or clauses that can affect your water damage claim. Some insurance policies have a mold exclusion or mold limit that may affect elements of your claim. Additionally, sewer or toilet flooding can cause serious health concerns and extensive repairs. Skilled evaluation of the damage and the extent of the necessary repairs is usually needed. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we work with you to maximize your settlement with your insurance company for the most money you are entitled to under the terms of your policy for your claim. If you must vacate your property, be sure to have the electricity and water shut off to prevent injuries or further damage to the property and save all receipts for Additional Living Expenses (ALE) if applicable. It is also important to call your insurance company, or Maximum Insurance Adjusters, to file your claim. Maximum Insurance Adjusters can handle your claim from beginning to end, helping to alleviate all the frustration and work associated with managing your claim. The sooner your insurance company is notified about your claim, the sooner you can start receiving payment. Once the water restoration company has completed the job, you need to start mitigating the damage immediately, separating damaged property from undamaged property. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters, Inc. we can help you itemize the unsalvageable damaged property, document the losses, take pictures, and assist you in determining the dollar value of your contents. This will help us negotiate your claim and substantiate your losses, allowing us to pursue the maximum settlement you are entitled to under the terms of your policy. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters, Inc. we handle all types of insurance claims: ~Hurricane, Fire, Lightning, Tornados, Sinkholes, Floods, Theft, Mold, Water, Broken Pipes~ *Residential, Commercial, Boat/Marina, Airplane, and Building Associations*