Reopening an Insurance Claim - Q and A

Q: How much do adjusters normally charge to have a case reopened?

A: Miguel, At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we charge 10% of any new monies we get you on your Hurricane insurance claim. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters, Inc. we really try to be sensitive to the needs of our clients and keep our fees low. No matter how long ago your hurricane insurance claim was, we still only charge 10% of the claim. We only take our percentage from the money we get you for your claim. We do not take a percentage from any money received prior to Maximum Insurance Adjusters taking on the claim. Our fees also do not come out of your deductible. For all other residential claims we charge up to 20%, however, it greatly depends on the type and size of the claim. Feel free to call our office at (786) 859-6443 for a free evaluation of your claim or if you should have any questions. FYI: You should also know Public Adjuster percentages actually changed as of October 1, 2008. Florida statues mandate a 20% fee cap on residential property insurance claims and condominium association insurance claims. There is also a legislative fee cap on insurance claims resulting from hurricanes, or any events that are declared a state of emergency by the Governor. This provision applies to claims made during the 1 year period after the declaration of emergency. The maximum allowed for these types of claims is 10% of the settlement amount. Once the 1 year period after the hurricane (or state of emergency), this fee-cap is no longer applicable. 

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