How do I become a preferred contractor for insurance adjusters - Q and A

Q: I am a State Certified General Contractor and inquiring as to how best to contact those Policyholders or Agents like yourself who need Contractors to repair their Real Estate. Your column is most informing. Keep up the good work! 

A: Hi Brian, Thanks so much for the compliment! We really try to help policy holders figure out the insurance claim process and sort through all the confusion. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters, Inc. we do not get involved with the repair process. As you know, choosing the right contractor is a very personal decision and has many factors involved in it. Consequently, we allow our clients to find and choose the contractor that is right for them independently. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters our clients always know that they can contact us for information or help regarding the damage to their property, any other questions they have about the claim, and pursuing additional monies for the claim if repairs exceed the settlement amount.