Are contents of a Home or Business included in a Fire Damage Insurance Claim? - Q and A

Q: I have a small clothing store in the Miami area. Recently my business was damaged by a fire. What things are covered by my insurance policy?

A: I am so sorry to hear that your business sustained damage during a fire. A fire can cause severe damage to your business and it is often extremely overwhelming to deal with its aftermath. Fires are usually covered under most insurance policies. Coverage depends on whether you are a renter or you own the property as well. Insurance policies can cover business interruption, loss of rents, structural damage, and contents.

Properly assessing the damage caused by the fire and its aftermath can be the key to recovering the full value available under your insurance policy. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we specialize in assessing damages and losses related to property and business damage. Physical damage from a fire, the smoke, or the water to put out the fire can significantly affect your business and require detailed loss assessment. Losses sustained by your business as a result of the fire may be covered under several different areas. If you have Loss of Use coverage or Business Interruption coverage on your insurance policy, Maximum Insurance Adjusters can get you payment from your insurance company to help you with the financial burden associated with lost use of your business. Contents are also frequently covered under insurance policies.

At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we can prepare your inventory list with you, review the damages, document them, and photograph the damages. Having a complete and accurate inventory list and accompanying documentation will help us get you the maximum amount you are entitled to under the terms of your policy. Physical damage to your property after a fire can be very severe. Coverage on structural damage and/or property damage depends on the limits, exclusions and clauses found in your insurance policy. Damage caused by a fire can be extensive and complex, often requiring careful inspection. The fire, smoke, and even the water to put out the fire can cause damage to your property and contents that extend into areas not visible to you and may even result in mold damage.

Maximum Insurance Adjusters can help you assess the damages, protect your rights, and get the largest settlement you are entitled to under your policy. Depending on whether you own the property, or you are a renter, there are different types of losses covered by your policy. Additionally, every insurance policy can vary in one way or another, so it is important to have a qualified professional look over the particular details of your insurance policy. Also, make sure to contact a public adjuster at Maximum Insurance Adjusters, or legal council, before you sign anything from your insurance company or the insurance company’s adjuster. Doing so may result in agreeing to a lower settlement amount and prevent you from pursuing further payments on the damage your business sustained.

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