Insurance Claim Tips for Before and After Claims

+ Insurance Coverage Checklist

  • Review your insurance policy. Most insurance companies will not accept new applications or make changes to existing policies when a storm is approaching or once damage has occurred.
  • Special hurricane deductibles apply to policies. Choose a deductible plan that is right for you.
  • If you rent, make sure that your belongings are adequately insured.
  • Make sure your mortgage company is correct on your insurance policy.
  • Take plenty of pictures to document your contents, and save all your receipts for replacements or repairs.
  • Make sure you have an additional insurance rider for items such as: Collectable, Antiques, Fine Art, Jewelry, Furs, Fire Arms, and specialty items since these items are not usually covered under standard insurance policies.
  • It is often helpful to make sure you have insurance coverage for: Additional Living Expenses (ALE), Loss of Use, Rental Loss, Business Interruption, and other areas of coverage. Discuss these areas, and any additional areas of coverage you may want, with your insurance broker or agent.
  • Make sure you know the difference between Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV) this can affect how much money you are entitled to once your property is damaged.

+ How to prepare before a loss

Write a complete and detailed personal property list of all property that is not permanently attached to the structure. Include the year, make, and model of each item as well as any purchase receipts you may still have. Keep your personal property list and your most current insurance policy in a safe place.

Know the year your property was built and the year you purchased it. Keep current pictures of your property’s interior, exterior, and all contents to help verify the condition of the property and/or contents prior to the loss.

+ How to prepare after a loss

Contact Maximum Insurance Adjusters immediately so we can help you detail your loss. We will meticulously go through your property with you to locate and assess interior and exterior damage to your property. We will help you sort through the contents of your property and create a list of damaged and/or destroyed items. We will photograph and document any and all damaged or destroyed items to assist you with your claim. It is important mitigate your loss by separating damaged property from undamaged property. We will contact your insurance company for you once we have fully reviewed the loss, taken pictures, and assessed the estimated dollar value of your loss. We will file, or re-file, the claim on your behalf and handle it from beginning to end.

If you need to move off the premises, make sure you keep all receipts for hotel and food expenses. If you have Additional Living Expenses coverage on your insurance policy, you will be reimbursed for these expenses.

Once your property has been damaged it is important to ensure that it does not sustain any further damage. Secure windows and door to prevent looting or vandalism to your property. Damaged roofs should be covered with a tarp to prevent water damage. If vacating your property, be sure to have the electricity and water shut off. Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of securing your property and/or preventing further damage will be reimbursed under the policy. You must save all receipts and cancelled checks to be reimbursed.

When hiring a contractor or roofer to make repairs on your property, be sure that he is licensed and insured in the state of Florida. Ask for a copy of his license and his liability insurance, then verify that they are both current before signing a contract.

+ Create Detailed Loss Valuations

At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we pride ourselves on utilizing a variety of experts and professionals that can help us in assessing the full extent of the damage. We work with professionals throughout the state of Florida that specialize in the specific areas of expertise needed to help us perform a comprehensive assessment of your property. Some of the professionals we use include building experts, structural engineers, forensic engineers, environmental and mold experts, inventory experts, attorneys, and other professionals as they relate to each specific loss.

+ How to Handle Negotiations with Insurance Companies

At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we aggressively and diligently negotiate and/or re-negotiate your claim so that you can receive the maximum settlement for your claim under the terms of the policy. We begin negotiating on your behalf from the moment you hire us to represent you to your insurance company. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters we will utilize our experience, skill, knowledge, and expertise in negotiation to maximize the money you are entitled to under your claim.

We negotiate claims of all sizes, big and small, for all types of property. We handle claims for: Residential property, Commercial property, Boat/Marina, Airplanes, and Building and Communal Associations. We handle all types of insurance claims: Hurricane, Fire, Smoke Damage, Lightning, Tornados, Sinkholes, Floods, Theft, Mold, Water, and Broken Pipes. At Maximum Insurance Adjusters our main objective is to help you through this stressful time. We treat every claim with the same respect and meticulous care whether big or small.